Hi, I'm Aizera.

I’m a digital art hobbyist who spend most of my time on procrastinating and getting distracted by things. I specialize in digital painting, emotes and sprites. Check out my blog for digital art tutorials, poems, and d&d stories. Thank you for supporting me!

Commission Terms of Use

Basic Terms
All commissions will be handled through my Ko-fi page. By purchasing art commissions through Ko-fi, the client must confirm that they have read and agreed to the terms listed below.
Right to Refuse Service
Aizera.art does not discriminate clients based on their gender, religion, or race. Client agrees that they are of legal age to use a credit card to place a commission order, and does not need permission from an adult to do so.
Aizera.art reserves the right to refuse service to any client who are known to cause negative impact in gaming, art, education, or any other relevant communities that are local or online.Purchase Payment
The project will begin when the client purchases the commission after accepting the delivery date provided by Aizera.art. Please do not submit any payment unless a deadline is agreed upon. If any form of commission payment is submitted without prior discussion, client will be refunded, and be permanently banned from all future orders.
Commission Restrictions
Before purchasing any commissions, please check with Aizera to make sure that the art can be drawn. Generally R-18 is prohibited, but may make an exception for very mild NSFW. Please send a message on Ko-fi for discussion.
Refund Policy
All sales are final and refunds are not allowed. If client forces a chargeback despite product delivery, they will be banned from future orders and blacklisted publicly. In extenuating circumstances that are unexpected and not covered by terms and conditions, client agrees to discuss privately with Aizera.art over the matter. If the refund request is agreed upon, it will be issued through the Ko-fi website.
Sketches will be provided before proceeding with the final product. Client will have up to 10 free revisions on anatomy corrections, and up to 3 revisions for cosmetic preference. The final product will be worked on after the sketch is approved by client.
Personal & Commercial Rights
Commissioned arts are by default for personal use, and are strictly prohibited from being made to re-sell for monetary profit in any shape or form. Commissioned art will not be allowed as physical nor digital merchandise, unless specifically requested to gain the right to do so for an additional fee, such as AI art, T-Shirts, Mugs, or Ebooks.
Twitch emotes are not classified as digital merchandise, but rather a representation of service that the Twitch streamer provides. No fees are required to upload twitch emotes as a streamer. Please directly message me through Ko-Fi if you have any questions.Crediting and Modification
For personal social media posts, please credit the art to my website: aizera.art or my instagram handle: @aizera.art. The completed product is owned by the client, and they are free to make modifications to the artwork, but are prohibited from claiming the artwork as their own work.
For brand posts/advertisements, crediting is not necessary, but appreciated, given that additional fees are paid for commercial usage.